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My mission is to help you have a quality of life that may not seem
possible to you right now. I know your struggles. I have been there.
Having the diagnosis of bipolar disorder does not mean we need to
live being defined by it. You are more than a diagnosis. I know that,
and I want you to know that too.

I have been maintaining my wellness and living a balanced life, and I
want that for you also. I am not here to talk about medications or
treatment.  For our purposes, it is important that you are
accomplishing that with someone else. What I can help you do is
augment your medical program. I can help you to recognize your
stressors in your day-to-day life and to understand how to overcome

I have created coaching packages to help you have the same high
quality of life.  These coaching packages are designed to support you
and guide you to look within and find the strengths, qualities, and
possibilities that have been waiting to be discovered. Private
coaching with me will help you connect to your higher self/your soul,
and motivate you to live your life with purpose so you can feel more
of the joy that is waiting for you.

Let me know your greatest struggle or stressor as someone living
with bipolar disorder. Email me at
and we can set up a time to talk in a FREE confidential phone call,
where I will help you brainstorm strategies to overcome the
challenge you're having.

You CAN live your life with true happiness and meaning. It IS
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