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Embrace The Inner You, LLC
I am happy to share with you the words of some of my clients and group
participants who have experienced personal growth and fulfillment
through working with me.

Jaclyn is now able to be confident!
“I’ve had the benefit of Linda’s love and guidance for six months of her
coaching. Linda is insightful, intuitive, knowledgeable, and she genuinely
cares. Love is the basis of her guidance. She will love you and teach and
encourage you to love and accept yourself. She has been where you are
and resonates with your struggles! I have learned some concrete
practices so I can begin to care for myself and neutralize my mental
demons. Her coaching offered a pathway to discovering my own full
potential. I was encouraged to think positively, practice gratitude,
develop self-awareness, and ‘let go’ of my old stories that were
consuming me and causing harm. Tomorrow is a new day, and Linda
offers a new way for us to be in our world with more ease, confidence,
and self-love.”
   Jaclyn F., Tucson, AZ

Theresa is now more focused on
loving herself again!
"Linda has helped me to focus and take the steps toward being myself
and learning to love myself again.
Linda has a calming influence, and is
very supportive and knowledgeable. She has helped me to focus and
take the steps toward being myself and learning to love myself again.
Through her wonderfully thought-out and presented materials and
discussions, I am feeling more like my old self again! I now realize that
it’s okay to take care of myself first because then I will have more to
give to others again. I have to make sure I don’t fall back into only
nurturing others—I have to make sure I am okay. I suppose everyone
and their personal needs are different, but I cannot imagine there is
ANYONE Linda could not help in some way – as long as they are open to
it. I think she would even be able to gently nudge anyone reluctant into
being helped by her and her programs. Her Four Seasons of Your Soul
home study program is a very soothing program, and I really benefited
from it….. And I truly appreciate Linda!"
   Theresa G., Tucson, AZ

Annalise has the courage to be more authentic!
“I am amazed at Linda’s compassion and genuine consideration for my
well-being. When I first met Linda, I was feeling overwhelmed with
indecisiveness and negative thinking. Through Linda’s encouragement
and guidance, I realized that I have the ability within myself to change
my way of thinking. I learned to connect within and to listen to my
heart more closely. Working with Linda has helped me value myself and
also find the courage to be a more authentic person.”
Annalise D., Atlanta, GA

Laurie deals with life's challenges with courage and
“I was so impressed with Linda’s compassion and her attentiveness. She
really listened to what I had to say and was able to address my
concerns and blocks with true understanding.  Before beginning our
coaching sessions, I felt lost and somewhat confused about my life and
where I was headed. I felt alone, isolated, and overwhelmed. Linda
helped me realize that I could deal with life’s challenges with courage
and grace. She monitored my progress and stayed in touch with me. She
was always there to listen to me or to guide me. I am now able to
function at a higher, more productive level on a day-to-day basis. I also
have the skills I need to avoid getting into overload mode. Linda has
helped me to realize that I am a viable person with talents and
capacities who can achieve a peaceful life.”
   Laurie J., Los Angeles, CA

Debbi feels she can survive difficult feelings!
“Linda has a truly kind, compassionate, and accepting presence. At the
beginning of our coaching work together, I felt emotionally stuck, and I
needed to learn how to forgive and accept myself. Linda helped me
realize that I will survive experiencing difficult feelings, and that by
doing so I can move past them; that by letting go of control, I will learn
I don't need to try to actually control them. With Linda's help, I gained
a greater understanding of myself, true self-acceptance, and emotional
  Debbi S., Tucson, AZ