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Coaching is not counseling or therapy. Most counseling or therapy
methods focus on the client’s problem, and it is assumed that
something is wrong. Most of the time, the problem is examined by
looking at and dwelling in the past.

Coaching is an approach that tends to focus upon the present moment
and looks toward the future with an expanded potential. When you
enter into a coaching relationship with me, or decide to engage in the
work of the home study program, you will be encouraged to bring out
the qualities and gifts that are already within you. I will empower
you to listen to your own inner voice and encourage you to learn and

Psychological and/or medical advice will not be provided on this
website or in any of the programs or written materials. In addition,
the coaching that may be provided to you is not psychological and/or
medical advice.

Embrace the Inner You, LLC provides the support and tools needed
in order to obtain results, but because the results of coaching and
home study work lie within the actions and ultimately the work done
by the client, it would be impossible and unethical to guarantee
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