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Are You Too Critical of Yourself?
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Embrace The Inner You, LLC
Any content or services provided are for educational purposes.
It is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor.
In case of an emergency contact 911.
Throughout your day-to-day life, you encounter many different
feelings, but maybe you didn’t realize that your happy, peaceful
feelings are already there at your core. Just like the Sun is always
there, but on a cloudy day you can’t see it, your happiness is
underneath all your “cloudy” thinking, believing, or reacting. In order
to connect with your happiness/your soul, you need to clear away the
cloudiness of your dark mood so you can feel that sunshine! So, when
you are in a low mood, there are several steps to take to connect to
your soul and feel that happiness once again:

  • FEEL the negative feeling by accepting it, but not
  • reacting to it.
  • RELEASE the negative feeling. Let it pass through you by
    acknowledging it.
  • PAUSE. Wait until the negative feeling has passed, before
    making decisions.
  • FOCUS on more positive thoughts.
  • ASK & LISTEN to yourself. You will know what to do, if anything.

Although you may want to solve problems when you are in a low mood,

t is not the best time. The best time to solve a problem is when you
are in a high mood because at that time, you are connected to the
wisdom of your soul and the solutions will come more easily.

It is common to want to ignore negative feelings. Accepting and
honoring sadness, anger, grief, frustration, fear, worry, and doubt may
seem like a negative thing to do, but actually it is not. Feelings are the
language of the soul. When you are experiencing these feelings, it can
be one of your greatest teachers. Your soul knows the path to a
fulfilling life. Your emotions are the tool that you were born with to
help you create a life you are happy with. Therefore, it is very
important to pay attention to what you are feeling.

Try to think of feelings as a spectrum, with JOY or LOVE at the very
top of the spectrum and SHAME or FEAR at the very bottom of the
spectrum. When you are spiraling down toward negative feelings, you
are not in connection with your soul, therefore you are not in that
moment on the way to creating fulfillment. When you are spiraling
upward toward positive feelings, you are in connection with your soul,
so you are on the path to creating fulfillment in your life.

You may be asking, “Why should I feel negative emotions if those
negative emotions mean I am on the “wrong” path?” The best way to
relieve yourself of negative feelings and get back on the path to
happiness is to actually begin with feeling the feeling, without reacting
to it. Then, once you are connected again to your soul/your happiness,
you will receive the best guidance. The guidance will come in the form
of words to say or something to do.

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